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Cheating?Shaisty09:09 12-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek00:02 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty03:54 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek04:59 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty05:13 13-07-2002

> > > > I am just wondering about this topic me an a few friends like to play Yuri and try to play in the toury's but where is the real fun about racing to your opponets site and leaving his base before he can even build, honestly I really do not believe westwood made the game for this reason and it hardly seems realistic, but I would like to know what is the big thing about rushing a person and gloating about it, hell I only gloat when I drop a nuke or weather storm

> > > Why did you post this twice?
> > > What you describe is not cheating. If you want to play long games, either play non-tournament games or practise more.

> > the posting twicw was an accident, ok I see where you are going with this one I either must be a newbie or just don't know how to play the game. All I am asking is what is the big deal with that and it is cheating to me when you kill off your opponetjust over 3 mins just so you can satisfy WW rules, but who can build a defense and tanks and what not in under 3 mins online the game dose not build as fast as a skirmish match, as of the non-tourny thing isn't the idea to play tourny matches to show how good you are and not how fast you kill off some guy???

> You can build pretty fast in multiplayer too, sometimes I have six tanks before three minutes. You basically ask how to defend against a tank rush. You should build tanks yourself.

Yes I know how to avoid a tank rush I am asking how is it justifyable doing any kind of rush in a tourny? Are they afarid that if the game goes past 10 mins they will get annihalated themselves, or is this a new way to put a person down and call them a newbie just because they cannot avoid a rush attack.

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