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Cheating?Shaisty09:09 12-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek00:02 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty03:54 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek04:59 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty05:13 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek07:53 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty11:59 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek20:28 13-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty09:55 14-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek20:03 14-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Shaisty10:01 15-07-2002
Re: Cheating?Olaf van der Spek13:45 15-07-2002

> Okay then if a person just rush straight out and kill off the opponet then how is that being able to defend a base on a rush attack 2 or even 3 mins into the game. Bottom line I usually biuld power, barrics, 4 dogs to scout + Oar Fact (sametime), war fact, then radar. By then money is a bit tight to rush out and defend a base.

Your opponent has to build the exact same things, so how come he has money for it and you don't?

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