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Gamespeed of Yuri's revengeSolidxtreme00:39 15-07-2002
Re: Gamespeed of Yuri's revengeGotrek05:59 16-07-2002
Re: Gamespeed of Yuri's revengeSolidxtreme08:52 16-07-2002

> > IF any of u ppl have played the campaigns of Yuries revenge, you would notice that westwood reduced the gamespeed dramatically. (as it takes like 1 min in standard time to make a power plant)How might i change the gamespeed to make it faster? somewhere in the rules.ini perhaps?

> why don't you just increase the game speed to faster from the options menu?

unfortunatly no ww seems to have disabled it...i looked everywhere in the options from the main menue, and during the game. (campaighn) There is that option when u play skirmish and play online, but when playing the yuri's revenge campaigns, nothing.....can anyone help me?

Re: Gamespeed of Yuri's revengeGotrek05:00 18-07-2002

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