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Gamespeed of Yuri's revengeSolidxtreme00:39 15-07-2002
Re: Gamespeed of Yuri's revengeGotrek05:59 16-07-2002
Re: Gamespeed of Yuri's revengeSolidxtreme08:52 16-07-2002
Re: Gamespeed of Yuri's revengeGotrek05:00 18-07-2002

> > > IF any of u ppl have played the campaigns of Yuries revenge, you would notice that westwood reduced the gamespeed dramatically. (as it takes like 1 min in standard time to make a power plant)How might i change the gamespeed to make it faster? somewhere in the rules.ini perhaps?

> > why don't you just increase the game speed to faster from the options menu?

> unfortunatly no ww seems to have disabled it...i looked everywhere in the options from the main menue, and during the game. (campaighn) There is that option when u play skirmish and play online, but when playing the yuri's revenge campaigns, nothing.....can anyone help me?

Well, try opening ra2.ini from the game directory. Under [Options] there is a GameSpeed setting which appears to be set to 1 as default. There is also a [Skirmish] heading, a [LAN] heading etc and each has it's own GameSpeed line, so it should be quite easy to fiddle around and get the speed you want.

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