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cameo probsRalf Bear06:34 01-09-2002

im having problems with my cameo i want to get into my map. i have already made the file and have already transferred it to a .shp (ts) in the mixer, i can click on this file and see the image/picture as shp. I get confused at te mix editor, but the file is in my art ini. but wont show up in my game's sidebar. In my art ini it reads "Black Backruond"
which is what i named the file and i have it in 8-bit so thats not a prob. Any suggestions and advice as detailed as possible would really help! thnx

Re: cameo probsOlaf van der Spek01:39 06-09-20022
    Re: cameo probsVlad0622:36 08-09-2002

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