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cameo probsRalf Bear06:34 01-09-2002
Re: cameo probsOlaf van der Spek01:39 06-09-2002

> im having problems with my cameo i want to get into my map. i have already made the file and have already transferred it to a .shp (ts) in the mixer, i can click on this file and see the image/picture as shp. I get confused at te mix editor, but the file is in my art ini. but wont show up in my game's sidebar. In my art ini it reads "Black Backruond"
> which is what i named the file and i have it in 8-bit so thats not a prob. Any suggestions and advice as detailed as possible would really help! thnx

You need to add the SHP to ecache##.mix.

Re: cameo probsVlad0622:36 08-09-2002

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