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SoundsDAn13:15 24-08-2002
Re: SoundsSatan Claus16:50 24-08-2002
Re: SoundsDAn01:52 25-08-2002
Re: SoundsSatan Claus14:17 25-08-2002
Re: SoundsOlaf van der Spek01:22 06-09-2002

> > > > Once i put an mp3 into RA2, how do i get it back out?

> > > Open the .mix file with XCC Mixer,select the mp3 file you want and then right-click --> extract or copy and thatīs it (same procedure for any file you want to extract from a .mix file, btw extract does NOT mean that the file within the .mix will be erased)

> > Where can i find the .mix files?

> WHAT DO U MEAN? how did you put the mp3 into RA2 to start with if you donīt even know where to find the .mix files?

Maybe via "Guide: Adding MP3s".

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