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cheater report utilityjohn19:43 13-09-2002

I dunno if this is now void but the cheater report tool dosnt work.

File Access Error
An error occurred when opening the Error Template (/opt/cgi-bin/cheaterform/error.txt): No such file or directory.

and the link under report cheater washed game dosnt work (or seem to work) on your site.

Owned his tanks and got an engi into his war fac he said that cheap and then reconned me (oooh the irony, how cheap can you get!)

Sep 13, 02 - l33tdude8 ( 546 pts) Plays IMPHuSkY ( 400 pts) in game# 89669162
Sep 13, 02 - captjed ( 378 pts) Plays IMPHuSkY ( 400 pts) in game# 89667449

Thats his 2nd loosing plays wash today! Ps. the map was snow valley, he was allied i was sovs.


Re: cheater report utilityOlaf van der Spek20:27 13-09-2002

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