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cheater report utilityjohn19:43 13-09-2002
Re: cheater report utilityOlaf van der Spek20:27 13-09-2002

> I dunno if this is now void but the cheater report tool dosnt work.

> File Access Error
> An error occurred when opening the Error Template (/opt/cgi-bin/cheaterform/error.txt): No such file or directory.

That's at the WS site I assume? I just seems to be down.

> and the link under report cheater washed game dosnt work (or seem to work) on your site.

> Owned his tanks and got an engi into his war fac he said that cheap and then reconned me (oooh the irony, how cheap can you get!)

> Sep 13, 02 - l33tdude8 ( 546 pts) Plays IMPHuSkY ( 400 pts) in game# 89669162
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Sep 13, 02 - captjed ( 378 pts) Plays IMPHuSkY ( 400 pts) in game# 89667449

> Thats his 2nd loosing plays wash today! Ps. the map was snow valley, he was allied i was sovs.

> :rolleyes:

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