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Remove frames from RA1TByte03:44 15-09-2002
Re: Remove frames from RA1Olaf van der Spek05:31 15-09-2002

> Hi, I want to help RA community. I noticed that allies/soviet helicopters have too many frames in the propellers. I am thinking that all those frames have to be synchronized in multiplayer games, it causes sync breaks inside the code and the games become unstable. Lag significantly increases when a lot of choppers are made, which shouldn't happen. The propellers have a few frames, but they are used too often to spin really fast. Can I make RA execute less such frames?

Only by editing the SHPs and removing those frames, but I think that causes crashes.

> Thanks,

> Daniel

Re: Remove frames from RA1TByte08:54 15-09-2002

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