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Remove frames from RA1TByte03:44 15-09-2002
Re: Remove frames from RA1Olaf van der Spek05:31 15-09-2002
Re: Remove frames from RA1TByte08:54 15-09-2002

> > Hi, I want to help RA community. I noticed that allies/soviet helicopters have too many frames in the propellers. I am thinking that all those frames have to be synchronized in multiplayer games, it causes sync breaks inside the code and the games become unstable. Lag significantly increases when a lot of choppers are made, which shouldn't happen. The propellers have a few frames, but they are used too often to spin really fast. Can I make RA execute less such frames?

> Only by editing the SHPs and removing those frames, but I think that causes crashes.

> > Thanks,

> > Daniel

You are right, I tried placing shp files with less frames, but gmae crashes as soon as a chopper is made. I thought of a different approach. Patching a game to use frames at a smaller interval. I don't know where to get that info though. That data is built in the EXE I guess.

I have fixed the problem for now, I deleted the shp files completely out of conquer.mix. Basically RA searched all possible paths for the file and didn't find it, so nothing was loaded. The game works fine and online games work fine too. I'd rather make the first method work, as it sounds more appropriate, but too time consuming looking for that frame info.


P.S. I used XCC mixer to delete the files :)

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