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XCC Game Spy betaOlaf van der Spek19:44 16-09-2002
Re: XCC Game Spy betaAndy05:33 17-09-2002
Re: XCC Game Spy betaAegis12:29 17-09-2002

> when i try to turn on the game spy, an error shows up :/

Did u read the readme?

Open up explorer and create a folder on ur C:| called Temp
the tree should be C:\Temp\

It needs to be opened just before the game laods or during loading. that mgiht not be ur problem, wat errors do u get?

Btw Nice work olaf, thanks for changing the colors in replay

Re: XCC Game Spy betaAndy04:44 18-09-20022
    Re: XCC Game Spy betaAegis15:02 18-09-2002

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