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XCC Game Spy betaOlaf van der Spek19:44 16-09-2002
Re: XCC Game Spy betaAndy05:33 17-09-2002
Re: XCC Game Spy betaAegis12:29 17-09-2002
Re: XCC Game Spy betaAndy04:44 18-09-2002
Re: XCC Game Spy betaAegis15:02 18-09-2002

> i get the one with the red circle and an x in it. and i did not create the temp folder.

> also about the temp folder, i got to open that before i turn on the game spy?

C:\Temp\ is where MF and XGS logs its things, so the XGS records the game to that folder, and the player only reads from that folder, so its necessary, i think the readme is pretty straight forward

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