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SHP editorsSk8erkid08:44 25-09-2002

anyone ever cosidered upgrading/makeing a new SHP editor, maybe with new functions, LIKE CUT AND PASTE for gods sake! i know you can use PSP, adobe photo or whatever then convert from PCX but its just taking too long... just a suggestion but if anyone has the ability im sure all of us lazy people would apriciate it :)

Re: SHP editorsOlaf van der Spek19:56 25-09-20026
    Re: SHP editorsSk8erkid07:18 26-09-2002
        Re: SHP editorsOlaf van der Spek18:14 26-09-2002
        Re: SHP editorsGotrek05:09 28-09-2002
            Re: SHP editorsVlad0606:11 01-10-2002
                Re: SHP editorsGotrek07:42 01-10-2002

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