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SHP editorsSk8erkid08:44 25-09-2002
Re: SHP editorsOlaf van der Spek19:56 25-09-2002
Re: SHP editorsSk8erkid07:18 26-09-2002
Re: SHP editorsGotrek05:09 28-09-2002

> I guess im just lazy but yeah i always mess up the conversion, i cant get the color palete right, how do i make sure im using the right colors in Adobe photoshop? and also how do i get my hundreds of infantry PCX files into ONE shp?

In Adobe Photoshop, to use the correct palette, you need to:
1: convert an shp using the required palette to pcx (eg JJETICON.shp for the cameo palette in RA2)
2: open the pcx in Photoshop
3: Goto Image > Mode > Colour Table
4: Click on save and give it a name

5: Open the image you wish to use
6: Goto Image > Mode > Indexed Colour
7: Next to 'Forced:' select Custom... and load your saved ACT file (the palette)

Now the image will be using the right palette

Re: SHP editorsVlad0606:11 01-10-20022
    Re: SHP editorsGotrek07:42 01-10-2002

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