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MF updateOlaf van der Spek21:00 21-10-2002
Re: MF updateProkopis13:12 27-10-2002

As always, nice work Olaf! I was just thinking that maybe it could be accompanied with a readme containing the latest and also analyzing everything for those that don't know how the previous ones worked.

I'd like to ask if the new MF can tell you the selected colors and starting spots (if it's already implemented n/m, it's just my bad memory!)during the match-up. Is there any way to log YR convos in channels without mIRC and has it been implemented yet by any app like yours? Finally, could the MF save a bigger buddylist and check it for you everytime you go online and open it?

Again nice job! Specially with the Game Spy!

Re: MF updateOlaf van der Spek21:59 27-10-2002

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