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MF updateOlaf van der Spek21:00 21-10-2002
Re: MF updateProkopis13:12 27-10-2002
Re: MF updateOlaf van der Spek21:59 27-10-2002

> As always, nice work Olaf! I was just thinking that maybe it could be accompanied with a readme containing the latest and also analyzing everything for those that don't know how the previous ones worked.

I'll update soon.

> I'd like to ask if the new MF can tell you the selected colors and starting spots (if it's already implemented n/m, it's just my bad memory!)during the match-up.

It can only tell colors. But spots seem to be related.

> Is there any way to log YR convos in channels without mIRC and has it been implemented yet by any app like yours?


> Finally, could the MF save a bigger buddylist and check it for you everytime you go online and open it?

Could be implemented, but due to a server 'bug' it takes very long to check the status of a buddy.

> Again nice job! Specially with the Game Spy!

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