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MF updateOlaf van der Spek21:00 21-10-2002
Ingame stats requestProkopis03:58 29-10-2002

I'm testing the new MF and it's working great. Just one thing I got a problem with: I cannot get the program to show me the stats you have posted on that pic no matter what I do, no matter what variation I try (like /r/dpl, /r /dpl, /rdpl or /r dpl). Why is that?
On another subject, answering me about whether the MF can display the starting spots you said "spots seem to be related". Do you mind elaborating on that, because I don't understand your reply. Related to what? Does that mean that you just can't tell beforehand and have to wait for the host to start the match (QM) for the random numbers to come up?
3rd Q only small one: Most maps are displayed by their name along with the other stats you are during matchup. One map though differs. The Alamo I think may be displayed as "The Alamo" or M1 or XMP16X4.MAPXGrinder.MAP. Why is that? Is it a problem?

CorrectionProkopis04:05 29-10-20022
    Re: CorrectionOlaf van der Spek04:34 29-10-2002
Re: Ingame stats requestOlaf van der Spek04:33 29-10-2002

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