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MF updateOlaf van der Spek21:00 21-10-2002
Ingame stats requestProkopis03:58 29-10-2002
Re: Ingame stats requestOlaf van der Spek04:33 29-10-2002

> I'm testing the new MF and it's working great. Just one thing I got a problem with: I cannot get the program to show me the stats you have posted on that pic no matter what I do, no matter what variation I try (like /r/dpl, /r /dpl, /rdpl or /r dpl). Why is that?

It only supports RA2.

> On another subject, answering me about whether the MF can display the starting spots you said "spots seem to be related". Do you mind elaborating on that, because I don't understand your reply. Related to what?


> Does that mean that you just can't tell beforehand and have to wait for the host to start the match (QM) for the random numbers to come up?


> 3rd Q only small one: Most maps are displayed by their name along with the other stats you are during matchup. One map though differs. The Alamo I think may be displayed as "The Alamo" or M1 or XMP16X4.MAPXGrinder.MAP. Why is that? Is it a problem?

It's probably YR related. It's no problem.

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