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Humble RequestNark05:38 03-12-2002

Hello everyone.

I've been working on a fairly large mod for RA2, been at work for nearly 1 year so far. I have a humble request: could someone email me a zip file containing the following:

The Slave infantry .shp from YR

The Yak voxel from RA1

MiG voxel from YR

Boris .shp from YR

Im not sure if such a transaction would be considered legal as I don't own the game... you decide.

Thank you

Re: Humble RequestOlaf van der Spek23:44 08-12-20024
    Re: Humble RequestNark06:59 10-12-2002
        Re: Humble RequestOlaf van der Spek07:01 10-12-2002
            Re: Humble RequestVlad0623:17 23-12-2002

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