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Humble RequestNark05:38 03-12-2002
Re: Humble RequestOlaf van der Spek23:44 08-12-2002
Re: Humble RequestNark06:59 10-12-2002
Re: Humble RequestOlaf van der Spek07:01 10-12-2002

> You posted a URL just for me? How thoughtful.

> I guess I can live without the yak

> The MiG looks very nice.

RA1 does not use VXLs.

> I shall use boris.shp as an anti-tank gunner for a sub-mod I hope to co-release, called Stalingrad(WWII, ive made it very realistic).He looks more like an old-fashioned soviet conscript compared to the RA2 conscript. I especially like the wooden stock on his gun.

> Btw, i will be gone this winter and probably cant post, so dont bother to reply.

Re: Humble RequestVlad0623:17 23-12-2002

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