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sound editoradam18:29 08-12-2002

hi. this is my trying to add a new sound that i made to on of the tanks, i drag the sound into the sound editor and press compact and ok.then i go to the sound ini.and insert the new sound in the weapons section , im changing the tanks gun sound so i add the new of the new sound AlliedCannonAttack to where it says Report . now when i play the game i still cant hear the sound. the sound is in wav format recorded at 22050khz. i notice that where all the other sounds in the file say FLAGS 12 CHUNKKSIZE 512 my sound says FLAG 6 CHUNKSIZE 0. i dont know what this is and i have been trying to get this to work for a whole day. please can you help? also is there a tutoriol on using every function of the xcc editor? thank you very much

Re: sound editorOlaf van der Spek20:18 08-12-2002
Re: sound editorGotrek06:20 10-12-2002

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