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Match FilterTorben07:04 12-12-2002

Hi Olaf, a few questions that i cannot find answers to in the guide. I would appreciate if you could find time to answer them.

1. In the edit menu, what does 'simple' mean/do?
2. I have read in this forum that MF read the gamelist, and filters players that have cheated. But does is this also the case when i join a game, or is only when i host?
3. Would it be posible to have a more flexible point filter. I.e. being able to manually set the point range?

1.When LandrY Service removes points, is it then not posible to give those point to the players that have been cheated?

Do u think WW have given up the fight aginst cheaters, or do the just don't care anymore, using all there time on Generals.

Best regards

Re: Match FilterOlaf van der Spek21:13 12-12-200211
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