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Generals forumGraeme Thorp21:47 14-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp23:53 14-12-2002
Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek00:58 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp01:24 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek01:26 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp01:57 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forummeselfs06:31 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp07:47 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forummeselfs08:30 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp10:11 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek17:27 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp02:11 20-12-2002

> > > > as far as i know then dont i have to share my source code ?

> > > Yes............ so?

> > > This aint gonna be shareware, IS IT??
> > my point was to make it free and all beacuse any one can do it...

> > it is just a hell of a lot of tiem and effort put into it to see some one go and mess withe the source

> What's wrong with others messing with your code?

the thing is actually i have decided to put up a web site for not just a C&C editor but for a number of programs that i have been making.

i just dont want to see that one of my programs appear with only a diffrent name and a few things changed and some one calling that there own.
thats the only prob i have but maybe i am beeing paranoid.

> > i dunno maybe i will.

> > olaf hwat does sorce forge give u in return

> Read the SF docs.
thanks i will read them this weakend

> > space?
> > mysql?
> > bandwidth limit ?
> > php ?

Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp02:56 20-12-20026
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                Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp18:22 21-12-2002
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