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Generals forumGraeme Thorp21:47 14-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp23:53 14-12-2002
Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek00:58 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp01:24 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek01:26 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp01:57 15-12-2002
Re: Generals forummeselfs06:31 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp07:47 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forummeselfs08:30 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp10:11 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek17:27 16-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp02:11 20-12-2002
Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp02:56 20-12-2002
Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek04:09 20-12-2002

> i would have just edited the last past but i didnt see the option.

> i have read what sf ofers and it is very good.

> i think i will register with them on friday. all i want to ask you is how does this sound


> i will use that as my name as sutch or company that brings out the software. I am not sure about what laws there are about names or companyies that dont realy adzist. but i need to assosiate all my programs with one name besides my real name.

Sounds fine.

> btw what does Xcc stand for or is there no actually meaning behind it.

Extended C&C.

> GTS - graeme thorp software

> please tell me what you think cus i want to sighn up with the right name.

Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp03:04 21-12-20023
    Re: Generals forumOlaf van der Spek04:16 21-12-2002
        Re: Generals forumGraeme Thorp18:22 21-12-2002

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