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A question to moddersVlad0623:20 23-12-2002
Re: A question to moddersmeselfs11:45 24-12-2002

The last time i did that was about a 6 months ago. Just for personal use.. increase buildspeed, enable Toxin Soldier.. etc. TS is neither popular anymore (i think so at least) and there are less options for modders, except for the superweapons. Simply Impractical

Re: A question to moddersVlad0607:11 26-12-20024
    Re: A question to moddersBanshee12:35 27-12-2002
        Re: A question to moddersGraeme Thorp02:38 28-12-2002
            Re: A question to moddersVlad0606:55 29-12-2002

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