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A question to moddersVlad0623:20 23-12-2002
Re: A question to moddersmeselfs11:45 24-12-2002
Re: A question to moddersVlad0607:11 26-12-2002
Re: A question to moddersBanshee12:35 27-12-2002

> good to here, if you want to discuss ts heavily join here


there is a better place for that:


Here we answer your TS modding doubts, we research new unfound stuff and we also have tutorials and we are also making a kick ass mod for TS with several inovations on coding, AI and with 2 new sides, more than 70 new units with new graphics, new sounds and soundtracks and with a completely new and inovative gameplay ever. We have some great info on superweapons and much more... It's a growing community like Armaggedon Entertainment which also seems to be an interesting option for TS modders...

Re: A question to moddersGraeme Thorp02:38 28-12-20022
    Re: A question to moddersVlad0606:55 29-12-2002

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