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Armageddon Entertainment fourms are launchedVlad0607:12 26-12-2002

WE at Armageddon Entertainment have been setting oursleves up for quite a while now, just before the closure of FedNET. Now we have many sites hosted and strive to be the best modding gaming community around

We host Many famous RA2 mods such as and Code Red and True War.
Apart from them two we also host many other Tiberian Sun mods and mods also for Operation Flashpoint and Battlefield1942.

Leaving aside the mods we also host the BRAND NEW Voxel Editor. Also the famous 3ds2vxl program by Vipr, and the legendary Editing resource site Editing source

You can check the site up now this is the temp portal page to show some of the sites hosted. The forums are up also, we have a full working community forum with members such as Olaf Van Der Spek. here is the forum link


Re: Armageddon Entertainment fourms are launchedhaydn01:33 31-12-20022
    Re: Armageddon Entertainment fourms are launchedVlad0604:08 31-12-2002

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