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Armageddon Entertainment fourms are launchedVlad0607:12 26-12-2002
Re: Armageddon Entertainment fourms are launchedhaydn01:33 31-12-2002

> WE at Armageddon Entertainment have been setting oursleves up for quite a while now, just before the closure of FedNET. Now we have many sites hosted and strive to be the best modding gaming community around

> We host Many famous RA2 mods such as and Code Red and True War.
> Apart from them two we also host many other Tiberian Sun mods and mods also for Operation Flashpoint and Battlefield1942.

> Leaving aside the mods we also host the BRAND NEW Voxel Editor. Also the famous 3ds2vxl program by Vipr, and the legendary Editing resource site Editing source

> You can check the site up now this is the temp portal page to show some of the sites hosted. The forums are up also, we have a full working community forum with members such as Olaf Van Der Spek. here is the forum link

> Thankyou

What is the right URL?

Re: Armageddon Entertainment fourms are launchedVlad0604:08 31-12-2002

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