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xcc theme writersw06:02 29-01-2003

the first time I used xcc theme writer it worked great! However ever since I added my first mp3 to ra2, when I try to add any more it says the themes were written but when I start the game ALL in game text starts with MISSING:GUI
and the game encounters an internal error while loading.This can only be fixed by reinstalling the game. Can anybody tell me if this is a bug in the theme writer program or a work around for this

Re: xcc theme writermeselfs08:25 29-01-20036
    Re: xcc theme writersw12:41 29-01-2003
        Re: xcc theme writerOlaf van der Spek20:39 29-01-2003
        Re: xcc theme writermeselfs04:09 30-01-2003
            Re: xcc theme writerOlaf van der Spek21:15 30-01-2003
                Re: xcc theme writermeselfs12:58 02-02-2003
Re: xcc theme writerOlaf van der Spek20:38 29-01-20032
    Re: xcc theme writersw00:17 30-01-2003

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