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Cameo and SHPJakcoy10113:03 08-02-2003

Question 1: I downloaded the cow cameo from MODDEN a while ago. I have added all of the art.ini entries {c/p'ed them from the readme} and then put the cameo files in the RA2 directory {as is told in the JPR tut}. This didn't work so I added the ecache01.mix to my RA2 directory to put the cameo in but when I try to put the cameo in Mixer internal errors and quits. Whats the deal am I doing something wrong? Please help im fairly frustrated at this point..

Question 2: Maybe you remember me from the TibEd forums Olaf when you answered my question bout teh nuke files and how to turn them? Well now I need to put them back in. I posted before and was told to put the SHP's in ecache01.mix. Same problem as above. Am I even doing thsi right in the first place? Again please help bla bla bla...\

Your help is appreciated....

By the way this post is for the developement of my Mad Cow mod.... so explect a few more posts from my newbish self...

Re: Cameo and SHPGraeme Thorp17:35 08-02-20032
    Re: Cameo and SHPJakcoy10103:10 09-02-2003
Re: Cameo and SHPOlaf van der Spek19:27 08-02-2003

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