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Cameo and SHPJakcoy10113:03 08-02-2003
Re: Cameo and SHPGraeme Thorp17:35 08-02-2003
Re: Cameo and SHPJakcoy10103:10 09-02-2003

> > Question 1: I downloaded the cow cameo from MODDEN a while ago. I have added all of the art.ini entries {c/p'ed them from the readme} and then put the cameo files in the RA2 directory {as is told in the JPR tut}. This didn't work so I added the ecache01.mix to my RA2 directory to put the cameo in but when I try to put the cameo in Mixer internal errors and quits. Whats the deal am I doing something wrong? Please help im fairly frustrated at this point..

> > Question 2: Maybe you remember me from the TibEd forums Olaf when you answered my question bout teh nuke files and how to turn them? Well now I need to put them back in. I posted before and was told to put the SHP's in ecache01.mix. Same problem as above. Am I even doing thsi right in the first place? Again please help bla bla bla...\

> > Your help is appreciated....

> > By the way this post is for the developement of my Mad Cow mod.... so explect a few more posts from my newbish self...

> did u add it in the rules.ini ?

Thanks for the help Olaf {goes off to hit head on hard object}. One more question though, I remember once seeing a little box thing that someone made that contained all of the letters in the RA2 cameo format {not just some but ALL of them :}} maybe you know where to get it? I can find it anywhere maybe the site was taken down? Thanks again..

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