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Templates numbers in RedAlerttimjoh22:35 13-10-2001
Re: Templates numbers in RedAlertOlaf van der Spek02:08 14-10-2001

> Hi,

> does anyony know which templatenumbers in the map for RedAlert(1) corespond to which template files?
> eg. 0x0000 is clear1, 0x0001 is w1...

I know there's a list for C&C of this. I think there's one for RA too, but I've never seen it myself.

Do you need this for RA support in an editor or in a game?

Re: Templates numbers in RedAlerttimjoh10:15 14-10-20012
    Re: Templates numbers in RedAlertOlaf van der Spek02:31 16-10-2001

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