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MF and XCLr1zla02:53 08-04-2003

whats the deal with the xcl clan ladder?
when will it be put into action and how do i get games to show up on it?

also can u switch the update link on top right of the xcl players ladder to not take you back to the choice between ladders but to the one main page of the ladder you are viewing?

i am still using mf 1.06 as it shows the stats from the westwood ladder, i read it is imposible to show both stats at same time, but in future versions of mf would it be possible to choose what stats you see?

i was washed by a player on the 1st day the ww ladder got reset, the game finished normally, but the ww ladder says it was a wash game and xcl ladder hasnt recorded the game at all, there is also one other game that my opponent disconected on me but they game hasnt shown up on the xcl ladder but i got the points of the ww ladder.

are these little bugs fixed in 1.07? i ask because i dont want to upgrade and lose the ww stats.

1 last thing.....
I use this form for clan members to search the westwood ladders for either their individual ranks or the clan ranks and when they hit search the result opens in a new window on ww ranks pages......
(this is the one for the individual rank search)
<form method=POST action="" target="_blank">
<input name="rung" maxlength=9 size=9 value="joint...."><br>
<input type="image" border=0 src="" name="ssearch">

coould you give me the form action to retrieve the same info from the XCL ladders for individuals and for clans?

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