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MF and XCLr1zla02:53 08-04-2003
Re: MF and XCLOlaf van der Spek10:58 08-04-2003
Re: MF and XCLr1zla12:45 08-04-2003
Re: MF and XCLOlaf van der Spek13:14 08-04-2003

> > > I use this form for clan members to search the westwood ladders for either their individual ranks or the clan ranks and when they hit search the result opens in a new window on ww ranks pages......
> > > (this is the one for the individual rank search)
> > > <code>
> > > <form method=POST action="" target="_blank">
> > > <input name="rung" maxlength=9 size=9 value="joint...."><br>
> > > <input type="image" border=0 src="" name="ssearch">
> > > </form>
> > > </code>

> > > coould you give me the form action to retrieve the same info from the XCL ladders for individuals and for clans?

> > Can't you guess the HTML code yourself?

> i tried, but to be honest i dont have a clue what to replace "" with.

That'd be /xcl/
<form action="/xcl/">
<input type=hidden name=lid value=ra2>
<td><input type=text name=pname size=9 maxlength=9>
<td><input type=submit value="Search">


Olaf van der Spek

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Re: MF and XCLr1zla13:22 08-04-20033
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