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Palette, Redalert problemDaniel20:10 22-04-2003

I tried capturing Redalert's screen images and applying the palette RA.PAL. The blitting is fast, but the images look kinda dark. I lookd in XCC Mixer > RA.PAL and the colors seem lighter. I tried putting those colors into photoshop, but they're darker than ones shown in XCC.

Does XCC deliberately make the color palette lighter?



Re: Palette, Redalert problemDaniel23:28 22-04-20034
    Re: Palette, Redalert problemDaniel23:32 22-04-2003
        Re: Palette, Redalert problemDaniel23:53 22-04-2003
            Re: Palette, Redalert problemDaniel00:11 23-04-2003

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