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Palette, Redalert problemDaniel20:10 22-04-2003
Re: Palette, Redalert problemDaniel23:28 22-04-2003
Re: Palette, Redalert problemDaniel23:32 22-04-2003
Re: Palette, Redalert problemDaniel23:53 22-04-2003

This is weird.

Second entry in RA.PAL shows:
0x2A 0x00 0x29

Second entry in RA.PAL by XCC is shown:

42 00 41

If I use the color 42 00 41, it is MUCH darker than one shown in XCC, so I just took 42 as base16, and it became just as one in XCC. That's strange, can anyone explain please?

Re: Palette, Redalert problemDaniel00:11 23-04-2003

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