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Clear my name....Ug0kaboom23:17 07-05-2003

First.. i wanna make clear that i've been playing this game for a long time.. stoped playing a wiled ago.. then started playing again.. and found out that the ladders have been taken over by "Olaf van der spek" and that u have to be on the white list to make ur wins count on the ladder.

But what i found out too is that i was on the black list? ALREADY.. LOL.. :mad For no reason at all... How did u guys just put me there just like that? because someone just complained? For me beeing too fast? and winning too many times :rolleyes ? or one guy cheates on me before loosing :eek .. and blame't on me? :confused :mad If u guys put me on the black list.. the least that i can ask.. is ... Where is the proove that u guys put ur judgement on?

I always play fair... on any game what so ever... NEVER CHEATED.. I REPEAT NEVER..:mad The onley thing i want is to play a clean game for fun and to keep the chalenge high get points for't LIKE I DESERFE TO..:(..

Please explain to me or show me what the heck i have done wrong :(....

thnx in advance..;)

Re: Clear my name....Ug0kaboom23:21 07-05-2003
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Re: Clear my name....Ug0kaboom16:02 16-05-2003

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