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MF 1.08Techno_boy09:48 15-05-2003

Hey Olaf, recently i've connected 2 computers @ home via a router to the internet. So that me and my bro can play 2 vs 2 games together.

It works fine except when we both use MF. If only 1 of us uses it or when we don't use it at all then it works fine.

When we both use it then we just can't connect to eachother after we both accept in a game.

Do u have any idea why?


Re: MF 1.08Olaf van der Spek11:40 15-05-20033
    Re: MF 1.08Techno_boy11:44 15-05-2003
        Re: MF 1.08Olaf van der Spek11:53 15-05-2003
Re: MF 1.08Heman77711:03 17-05-20032
    Re: MF 1.08Olaf van der Spek13:44 17-05-2003

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