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MF 1.08Techno_boy09:48 15-05-2003
Re: MF 1.08Olaf van der Spek11:40 15-05-2003
Re: MF 1.08Techno_boy11:44 15-05-2003

> > Hey Olaf, recently i've connected 2 computers @ home via a router to the internet. So that me and my bro can play 2 vs 2 games together.

> > It works fine except when we both use MF. If only 1 of us uses it or when we don't use it at all then it works fine.

> > When we both use it then we just can't connect to eachother after we both accept in a game.

> > Do u have any idea why?

> No. When I used WinRoute as router both players could use MF, but with another router I got the same problem as you.

> > Thnx.

But when the 2 vs 2 clangames are going to be registered on the XCL ladder. Do both players have to use the MF to get it registered, or only 1?

Re: MF 1.08Olaf van der Spek11:53 15-05-2003

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