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Points for XCLrussell armstrong12:23 18-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLOlaf van der Spek14:11 18-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLrussell armstrong00:13 19-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLOlaf van der Spek07:51 19-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLrussell armstrong20:33 19-05-2003

> > > > Olaf

> > > > I have played several games won most lost a couple but only the losses get put onto my score why is this>

> > > > Or do u only get awarded xcl points when playing someone on xcl ladder?

> > > What's your nick?

> > My Nick is bobtb007


Olaf I have played about 5 to 10 more games than those shown and won all of them (points gain of about 17 points per game)

Could there be a problem at times with the server being unstable (as you have said before) at the time I am playing?

Or is there another reason that games played would not count toward XCL ladder?

BTW thanks for all your hard work at xccu, chat stars, omerta, den games etc etc etc. It is appreciated.

Re: Points for XCLOlaf van der Spek07:25 20-05-2003

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