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Points for XCLrussell armstrong12:23 18-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLOlaf van der Spek14:11 18-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLrussell armstrong00:13 19-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLOlaf van der Spek07:51 19-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLrussell armstrong20:33 19-05-2003
Re: Points for XCLOlaf van der Spek07:25 20-05-2003

> > > > > Olaf

> > > > > I have played several games won most lost a couple but only the losses get put onto my score why is this>

> > > > > Or do u only get awarded xcl points when playing someone on xcl ladder?

> > > > What's your nick?

> > > My Nick is bobtb007

> >

> Olaf I have played about 5 to 10 more games than those shown and won all of them (points gain of about 17 points per game)

> Could there be a problem at times with the server being unstable (as you have said before) at the time I am playing?

That's the most likely reason.

> Or is there another reason that games played would not count toward XCL ladder?

If all games that don't show up have something in common that could be a reason, but I doubt that.

> BTW thanks for all your hard work at xccu, chat stars, omerta, den games etc etc etc. It is appreciated.

Olaf van der Spek

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