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Arse over tit STATSDellboy18:11 23-05-2003

Olaf,apologies for being vulgar with subject title but a couple of queries:
1.With MF points "disabled" I have been matched 3 (three) times with players with "0/0" stats (mine is showing but not theirs).Alt tabbing to MF this also shows "0/0" stats but double clicking on their n/names reveals 3 records ALL in excess of 800 points on the WW ladder ( and per se,cheaters ! )

2.I was sitting in sixth place on XCL when I lost out to these three tramps (nothing appeared untoward) but why having played more games than others I had less points (and no,their other opponents were not necessarily on XCL)

3.I cannot find my host file in my RA2 dir to add to it to attempt your latest(and hopefully best)program XWIS - any ideas ?

Re: Arse over tit STATSOlaf van der Spek19:07 23-05-20033
    Re: Arse over tit STATSDellboy19:35 23-05-2003
        Re: Arse over tit STATSOlaf van der Spek19:44 23-05-2003

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