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Arse over tit STATSDellboy18:11 23-05-2003
Re: Arse over tit STATSOlaf van der Spek19:07 23-05-2003
Re: Arse over tit STATSDellboy19:35 23-05-2003

> > Olaf,apologies for being vulgar with subject title but a couple of queries:

> Then why did you do it?

You can only take so much sometimes......

> > 1.With MF points "disabled" I have been matched 3 (three) times with players with "0/0" stats (mine is showing but not theirs).Alt tabbing to MF this also shows "0/0" stats but double clicking on their n/names reveals 3 records ALL in excess of 800 points on the WW ladder ( and per se,cheaters ! )

> Sometimes MF can't retrieve the stats because the server is busy and it'll show up as 0.

But yet my stats show up ! Strange?

> > 2.I was sitting in sixth place on XCL when I lost out to these three tramps (nothing appeared untoward) but why having played more games than others I had less points (and no,their other opponents were not necessarily on XCL)

> I don't know. They must be doing something different.

> > 3.I cannot find my host file in my RA2 dir to add to it to attempt your latest(and hopefully best)program XWIS - any ideas ?

> It's in your Windows dir.
Thanks ( as ever ! )

Re: Arse over tit STATSOlaf van der Spek19:44 23-05-2003

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