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Blacklisted CHACOll wrong decision!Sepuku99922:58 29-05-2003

I apreciate your work for the C&C Community Olaf,
but instead of reseting and Blacklisting a player that has only 3 games of 116 with an unnatural ending suspecting him to be a unfair player.Have you ever considered that a winning player can loose his connection and make screen shots and then say :" the other one disconnected but i deserve points."
Its not the fault of CHACOll that xclhenl and two others lost connection to their provider.And that CHACOll gets the points.
Many players plug out their modem when you play over 100 games it will be just natural that there will be lots of new players plugging out their modem, not realizing that they still loose when plugging out modem.
But they do damage to the stats and the ladder view of an honest player. Its a miracle that you still havent checked all games of CHACOll having a Lost by disconnect.3 of 17
Thats can also possibly be an ISP error.Please reconsider resetting CHACOll , it just hurts playing fair and getting resettet and BLŽed.xclhenl is a member of Om3rta , but is this 1game enough to reset a fair player?


NO reconnection error was done neither a presi cheat or maphack. Is XCL fair?Do you reconsider all possible ways?
Please give his points back and take him off the Black list.
We would like to use the matchfilter next time we play.

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