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XCC WOL IRC ServerOlaf van der Spek14:21 13-06-2003

The new Red Alert 2 server is now up at arm-ent.com. It should stay up if it doesn't crash. Of course chat is still enabled.

You can use this tool to connect.
Launch this tool, click Set and launch the game.
When you want to play on the official EA/WS servers again, click Reset.

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerChad14:32 13-06-20033
    Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerBest4nK17:19 29-06-2003
        Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs18:27 29-06-2003
Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs23:44 13-06-2003
Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerHeman77713:03 14-06-20037
    Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerOlaf van der Spek13:15 14-06-2003
        Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerHeman77718:41 14-06-2003
            Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerOlaf van der Spek18:51 14-06-2003
                Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerHeman77708:44 15-06-2003
                    Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerOlaf van der Spek11:55 15-06-2003
            Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs04:26 15-06-2003
Re: XCC WOL IRC Serverchen20:32 16-06-20032
    Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerOlaf van der Spek20:51 16-06-2003
Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs22:11 22-06-20038
    Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerHeman77720:41 24-06-2003
        Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs03:05 25-06-2003
        Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerOlaf van der Spek11:42 25-06-2003
            Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs17:13 25-06-2003
                Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerGrizzie87123:29 26-01-2004
                    Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerOlaf van der Spek23:43 26-01-2004
            Uh-Oh...meselfs05:03 29-06-2003
Suggestionmeselfs23:49 23-06-20033
    Re: SuggestionOlaf van der Spek08:23 24-06-2003
        Re: Suggestionmeselfs03:04 25-06-2003
Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerTankPanze02:06 24-06-20032
    Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs03:31 24-06-2003
Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerMike17:01 26-06-20032
    Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs17:03 26-06-2003
Dangmeselfs04:59 17-07-20035
    Re: DangOlaf van der Spek17:47 17-07-2003
        Re: Dangmeselfs04:57 18-07-2003
            Re: DangOlaf van der Spek14:16 18-07-2003
                Re: Dangmeselfs17:42 18-07-2003
Re: XCC WOL IRC Serverggiownu6904:25 01-08-20032
    Re: XCC WOL IRC Servermeselfs19:35 01-08-2003
Yes!meselfs22:06 01-08-20034
    Re: Yes!Olaf van der Spek22:08 01-08-2003
        Re: Yes!meselfs22:30 01-08-2003
            Re: Yes!Olaf van der Spek22:55 01-08-2003
Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerIraqi21:50 05-09-20032
    Re: XCC WOL IRC ServerOlaf van der Spek22:24 05-09-2003
Please help, I can't get it to work.Stranger21:54 29-06-20043
    Re: Please help, I can't get it to work.Stranger21:57 29-06-2004
    Re: Please help, I can't get it to work.Olaf van der Spek22:38 29-06-2004
Re: XCC WOL IRC Servertimbo121605:38 28-10-2007

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