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WSA file - need to rip frames offTByte00:31 19-06-2003

Hi, I'm having trouble removing some frames from WSA file.
I've used the format quide and a hex editor in attempt to remove some frames from a clip located here:

Could anyone tell me why there are 66 offsets and only 64 frames are actually in the file? The guide shows 0..numframes+1, that's +2 the real frame count.
Last frame seems to point to end of file, anyways...If Olaf or anybody else could rip this file so I only see the last frame. I tried swapping offsets of last frame and first frame, then setting frame count to 1, but RA is behaving weird.



Re: WSA file - need to rip frames offOlaf van der Spek00:46 19-06-2003

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