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WSA file - need to rip frames offTByte00:31 19-06-2003
Re: WSA file - need to rip frames offOlaf van der Spek00:46 19-06-2003

> Hi, I'm having trouble removing some frames from WSA file.
> I've used the format quide and a hex editor in attempt to remove some frames from a clip located here:

> Could anyone tell me why there are 66 offsets and only 64 frames are actually in the file? The guide shows 0..numframes+1, that's +2 the real frame count.

There's an optional frame to tranform the last frame into the first frame.
And the last frame points to the end of the file.

> Last frame seems to point to end of file, anyways...If Olaf or anybody else could rip this file so I only see the last frame. I tried swapping offsets of last frame and first frame, then setting frame count to 1, but RA is behaving weird.

You can't do it that way, the frames depend on each other.
I don't think my WSA encoder worked, otherwise you could just reencode the WSA with the frames you wanted.

> Thanks,

> Daniel

Olaf van der Spek

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