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Damn cheater§!PillsBerryDoughBoi18:43 09-07-2003
Re: Damn cheater'!PillsBerryDoughBoi18:43 09-07-2003

> Every1 watch out... Cheaters r everywhere so be careful. I recommend many people get match filter (MF). I don't have it, but I will get it.It tells what rank pople has, what map your playing,what side other eprson is (just incase u don't like yuri users). I versed this dude with a prism president. His name is Mofrider.

> Other cheaters I have versed.

> . ggsethwins-In have a feeling he cheats because in like 2seconds he has full army of tanks.

> . Watch out for cheaters people watch out CAUTION!!!

I love lutenint Zophia

Re: Damn cheater'!DonCarlo19:52 09-07-2003

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