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Damn cheater§!PillsBerryDoughBoi18:43 09-07-2003
Re: Damn cheater'!PillsBerryDoughBoi18:43 09-07-2003
Re: Damn cheater'!DonCarlo19:52 09-07-2003

> > Every1 watch out... Cheaters r everywhere so be careful. I recommend many people get match filter (MF). I don't have it, but I will get it.It tells what rank pople has, what map your playing,what side other eprson is (just incase u don't like yuri users). I versed this dude with a prism president. His name is Mofrider.

> > Other cheaters I have versed.

> > . ggsethwins-In have a feeling he cheats because in like 2seconds he has full army of tanks.

> > . Watch out for cheaters people watch out CAUTION!!!

> I love lutenint Zophia
Hey there
Once get MF like you said and you will also be playing on the XCL ladder which is kept free of cheaters. But if you meet a cheater in quick match yoy can claim your XCL points bakc if you have the right proof.
Report all your cheaters at where you will also ge more information about how to claim your points back etc.

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